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At last the end is near


Thank heavens the RWC is ending.

Our mediocre media can stop hyperventilating over rugby and writing nonsense stories. Yet another example being on the front page of the DomPost today

Four million of us are holding our breath.

Absurd sentences such as the one above, might lead us, or those of our population of 4 million plus still alive. to expect a headline tomorrow or next day along lines of:

NZ population decimated by 4 million fans dying through failure to breathe during RWC final

Really, the MSM get more and more stupid.


  1. 22/10/2011 12:13

    “At last the end is near”

    Couldn’t agree more about the footie.

    But with a headline like that, I’d thought your post was on the imminent demise of ACT and all those liberal bloggers that infest the blogosphere.


  2. 22/10/2011 11:14

    How did you break free from the hypnotic spell, Adam?


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