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Len Brown’s ‘changing of the mothballs’


Brain Rudman, NZ Herald columnist, with whom Adam is rarely, if ever, in agreement has a very negative article about Auckland Mayor Len Brown

Rudman is not happy about Brown’s commitment to heritage issues:-

a month ago, he was enthusing about the need to take better care of our volcanic heritage at the launch of a new guide to Auckland’s cones. Yet yesterday, when he unveiled his Long Term Plan, his 10-year blueprint for “transformational shifts” under his leadership, the cupboard proved bare.

So perhaps like others Rudman is starting to see that Len Brown is all mouth.

Rudman then goes on to state:-

Heritage on wheels does better, even if it is heritage borrowed from a Melbourne tram museum. More than $9 million is budgeted to extend the Wynyard Quarter tram folly through to Britomart.

So Brown’s tram folly is exposed.

Even more scathing is this comment:-

Deeper in the documentation is a tentative entry of $13.86 million for the “acquisition and renovation” of the St James Theatre in 2013/14 with a cautionary note that this requires “prioritisation.” As the resurrection of the St James is usually priced at $60 million plus, the mayor’s transformation plans for this icon seem to be more a changing of the mothballs than a rebirthing.

So Len Brown is starting to be seen as the poser he is.

Rudman further comments:-

the mayor’s obsession with building a $2.5 billion inner city rail tunnel has totally lop-sided Auckland’s future planning

  1. Quintin Hogg permalink
    28/10/2011 19:27

    Personally I would rather have sports grounds than a railway line.



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