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51% bad – 75% good


As MacDoctor pointed out, re Adam’s prior post, there is no rationality to Phil Goff and Labour’s argument  about partial asset sales.

I confess I was highly amused by the cheek of Labour using Air New Zealand. As you point out, Labour was partly responsible for their near-demise. In addition, Air New Zealand is the poster-child for the viability of partial asset sales, being only about 75% government-owned. It is extremely hard for Goff to convincingly argue that somehow 75% is ok but 51% is bad…

Yet again logic and rational thought are absent from Goff and Labour’s arguments.

What we see here is blind prejudice and animosity to the private sector.

Trevor Mallard, Labour’s ‘strategist’ needs a new brain

Labour lacking any rational thought process, hardly a compelling reason to vote for them.

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