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Phil Goff rewrites history – again


Whaleoil alerted Adam to the spat between Rob Fyfe of Air NZ and Goofy over a Labour advert using the Air NZ koru symbol. The Whaleoil post and a follow up post and a NZ Herald piece detail the issue.

What really annoyed Adam about this though was this comment reported in NZ Herald:-

Mr Goff said he was sorry if the airline chief was offended “but I think he is missing the point”.

“It’s certainly not to denigrate the airline – we sweated blood and tears over Air New Zealand, bought it back for New Zealand, got it back on its feet and we don’t want to see this National Government hock it off.”

Sweated blood and tears. Bullshit.

By stalling an offer from Singapore Airlines and through meddling by Clark and Cullen the airline had to be be rescued financially by the taxpayer. It was my money and your money that bought Air NZ, not Goff’s money.

The airline was put back into viable shape by Ralph Norris and Rob Fyfe and the dedicated staff of the airline, not by the NZ Labour Party.

Given that some 17% or so is owned by shareholders other than the government, a proposal to sell down the government stake, but preserve a state owned majority is hardly hocking it off. Yet again Goff displays Labour’s contempt for voters and their powers of reasoning. This contempt is compounded by his silly statements, such as ‘sweated blood and tears’.

  1. 29/10/2011 16:19

    I confess I was highly amused by the cheek of Labour using Air New Zealand. As you point out, Labour was partly responsible for their near-demise. In addition, Air New Zealand is the poster-child for the viability of partial asset sales, being only about 75% government-owned. It is extremely hard for Goff to convincingly argue that somehow 75% is ok but 51% is bad…


  2. mort permalink
    29/10/2011 13:18

    don’t forget the role that the Govt took in colluding with AIR NZ management to drive their main competitor to the wall, by flying all the same regional routes, and then price gouging the established routes to drive origin broke. Only to increase the fares surreptitiously once the origin was dead and buried, allowing the rescaling back of profitability into regional flights.



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