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There are Liars, Dammed liars and NZ Labour


Of course this is a deliberate misquote of an old saying, but then it seemed very apt given recent remarks (mis-speaks to use a Clintonism) by Phil Goff, as noted by John Armstrong, :-

After Tuesday’s fiscal update, Phil Goff claimed that had it not been for Labour’s previous “careful management” of the books, New Zealand might now be in the same precarious position as Greece, Europe’s economic basket case.

An out right untruth, as Armstrong notes:-

The facts are somewhat different. Having spent taxpayers’ money like a drunken sailor to stay in power, Labour left office in 2008 with surplus having turned to deficit through the combination of a domestic downturn and the global financial downturn.

Indeed Cullen boasted of this saying the cupboard was bare. As Audrey Young wrote in 2008

The cupboard is almost bare and that is the way Michael Cullen planned the 2008 Budget.

He has delivered a Budget that offers a little of something for almost everyone but his biggest gift is to National – an election-year headache.

There is so little cash left to play with, $1.75 billion, that National will have little headroom to make attractive tax promises without saying what funding commitments Labour has made it will scrap.

That is what Michael Cullen promised and that is what he has delivered. The $1.75 billion isn’t real either because $750 million of it was earmarked for health long ago.

Ms Young then noted comments by one Phil Goff in 2008:-

Phil Goff’s revealing comments this week showed that Labour is into legacy politics and this is a legacy Budget – a legacy to National. It will make it harder for National to win and if it does win, it will make it harder to govern

And now Goff  has the gall, the cheek, the bare-faced effrontery to claim the opposite.

Armstrong goes on to note in his article today, that:-

National had barely got its feet under the Cabinet table before the Treasury further revised its forecasts and projected deficits of $6 billion-plus.

So much for “careful management”.

Therefore Adam says NZ Labour are telling major porkies and as Armstrong says re-writng history.

Labour is relying on short memories to rewrite history, however. It won’t fool everybody. But in the heat of an election campaign, it is easy to spout fiction and difficult to establish fact.

Yet again Labour and Goff demonstrate their contempt for the electorate as they tell their lies. They really do seem to think we are stupid.

Armstong concludes:-

Labour cannot be excused such distortions and mistruths

They cannot, but will we see any convincing exposure of this, for example in the TV debates.

Labour obfuscate, lie and deny history in their desperate attempt to gain power at any cost.

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