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Maori Party seeks right to veto foreign investment – an outrageous demand


Based on a NZ Herald report it appears Maori Party ambitions extend to vetoing foreign investment and effectively saying who entrepreneurs and investors can sell to and at what price.

This is outrageous. Sharples is being racist with this idea.

Perhaps Mr Key might show some balls and stamp on this notion now.

In one sense they are seeking over time to buy up much of the business in NZ, in many cases using taxpayer money.

  1. Ford Anglia permalink
    31/10/2011 17:22

    The Maori party are desperate to bribe voters lost to Mana. Is this is the first taste of a platter full of policies designed to attack Hone? If so, the tragedy is they started with their most palatable servings. Just wait and see what other rancid morsels they throw out.


  2. 31/10/2011 15:19

    It is a completely untenable idea. It means that Maori interests may bid on something and then have the power of veto for higher bids. I have no doubt that this would be, not merely dishonest, but illegal.


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