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More mis-speaking by Goff


Under National’s watch, we have gone from a surplus three years ago to an $18 billion deficit this year. We must pay back our debt and live within our means.

Phil Goff in his policy on savings.

Yet whilst factually correct it omits to point out, amongst other matters:-

1. Cullen by his own admission left the cupboard bare

2. NZ was in recession

3. Labour promoted more spending to ease recession

4. 2 earthquakes

5. global financial crisis

6. spending locked in by Labour on Working for Families, student loans etc

Much of the deficit was caused by factors other than actions by National, indeed Labour was responsible for a good part of the deficit.

  1. Quintin Hogg permalink
    01/11/2011 05:29

    And Treasury was forcasting a decade of deficits.


  2. 31/10/2011 22:14

    Actually, it is NOT factually correct. Labour did not leave office with a surplus in 2008. They had already spent more than the remaining surplus and were already borrowing to stay afloat.


  3. 31/10/2011 14:00

    Yet it’s factually correct ….


  4. Pete permalink
    31/10/2011 12:23

    I just had a browse over at the strandred and they have the same thinking – if you say the same thing enough and ignore reality, eventually one believes it.


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