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Phil Goff lies again – in fact he cannot seem to stop


Phil Goff just cannot seem to stop lying. Here is at least one lie he has uttered today:-

“No one wants Act back in parliament

Phil, you do not want ACT in parliament, many people may not want ACT back in parliament, but many others do. Stop lying Phil. Tell the truth for once.

Then he goes on to lie again:-

but National’s giving them one seat so they can try to smuggle a number of members of parliament back in.

Phil, the law states that if they have a electorate seat then they get other seats proportionate to their vote. That is not smuggling. BTW smuggling is a crime. National nor  ACT are not committing a crime. Stop lying Phil.

Phil you started out this election promoting policy, some of which is soundly based, others are nonsensical, but you had a platform. In recent days you have become a bitter man with one constant stream of invective and untruths.


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  1. 12/11/2011 14:23

    Adam may (or may not) find this link insightful:


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