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Media storm in a tea-cup


I was hesitating to vote National because I think the asset sales idea is deeply flawed.However, vandalism of National billboards and now the petty and spiteful tea cup saga, engineered by the media and pursued by the media, has caused me to rethink.

The election has been lowered into the region of farce. Winston Peters has been thrown a lifeline, or is it a straw, so I will be voting for the lesser of the evils.
National gets my vote.

Commenter on John Armstrong’s Herald article – this was not untypical and chimes in with similar comments eens and heard elsewhere.

Increasingly Adam wonders if Key has read the tea-leaves more accurately than the media. Many think this is a media beat up and that the media have behaved unethically, especially TV3.

  1. 17/11/2011 21:12

    Adam’s analysis is spot on in this blogger’s humble opinion.


  2. Quintin Hogg permalink
    17/11/2011 14:35

    You used the words “ethics” and “TV3” in the same sentence.

    They are strangers to each other.


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