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Media’s sanctimonious stance repugnant


Much of the media comment about the tea-tapes has focussed on the content of the tapes and the public’s right to know.

Little of the focus has been on how the tape was recorded and then disseminated.

Little comment has ensued, especially on TV3, in respect of the ethics of this matter.

Much media energy has been spent on self satisfied assertions about the protection of the noble traditions of the Fouth Estate and the need to ensure the Key regime does not oppress us further.

Last time Adam looked there were no tumbrils carrying dissenters to the gallows or the gulag. Despite the frothing from some that act as if there were.

The stench of hypocrisy and self righteousness fills the air, especially around the Herald and Mediaworks stables. In recent days the hyperbole and cant from the media throng and their fellow travellers has grown stronger, yet day by day indicators are that the public does not believe them or care. This ‘political disgrace/crisis’ as some would have it,is, to use a phrase, a ‘media manufactured storm in a tea cup’ manufactured to obscure major ethical shortcomings by some media.

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