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Campaign ends with Labour still lying

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Labour lies include those below:-

1 Goff claims police recruitment for 2012 cancelled – Denied categorically by Judith Collins

2 Labour ads claim National is going to sell Kiwibank – not on list for partial sale

3 Goff/Labour claim dams etc are to be sold. Not true part shares in those businesses to be sold

4 Goff claims today National will sell 100% of assets if elected – Lie categorically denied by Key and English

5 Labour lies about welfare reform and sends out nasty leaflet to scare solo mothers


Adam is sure there are many more



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  1. smttc permalink
    25/11/2011 15:58

    NZ has the worst rate of youth unemployment in the developed world.

    Another lie put paid to by Lindsay Mitchell. I think she is right. The lies are now so brazen, it must be because Labour just does not care anymore.


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