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Media – the morning after – part 2 – Woodham’s drivel


Kerre Woodham writes drivel again.

Ms Woodham obviously does not read the NZ Herald, despite, for some peculiar reason being paid to write a column of drivel each week for stablemate HoS.

The NZ Herald had NZF at 4.9% before the cup of tea, which is why TVNZ included WP  in the minnows debate. NZF received 6.8% on the night, possibly less after the specials.

Peters was trending up well before the Epsom teacups. The 4.9%  quite possibly caused some marginal voters to move to Winston, plus many who might have been Labour voters probably moved to WP/NZF rather than National.

The MSM, such as Woodham, are far to ready to say Key brought WP back, Adam thinks the MSM strove mightily to bring WP back as he makes for good copy due to his toxicity.

Adam suggests those in the MSM who lament the return of WP/NZF tend to the motes in their own eyes before blaming Key.


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