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Media – the morning after – part 3 – murky Greens


According to the SST on the West Coast, story not on line, Kevin Hague explicitly asked his voters to party vote Green, electorate vote Damien O’Connor.

This approach condemned in Epsom was never commented on by MSM.

Previously Adam had noted, as reported in DomPost, that Hughes, Green candidate in Ohariu took a similar stance. Again little questioning by media.

Anderton campaigned for Labour in Wigram.

So National and ACT in Epsom was, according to media and certain blogs and WP and Labour and Greens, a nasty deal, albeit transparent and legal. yet when others did a similar thing they got a free ride from the media. Strange that!

Media failed big-time in this election. They exhibited bias and double standards every day.

  1. 29/11/2011 20:30

    You should fear the left… we’re going to trounce you next election. Keep driveling on about integrity… it’s something your lot know nothing about.


    • 03/12/2011 13:51

      You really are a pathetic little troll


  2. 29/11/2011 18:55

    Roger, Roger – good times all round. My mates, Green through and through, increased their vote by 50% – something to put a grin on my face for sure.
    Short, sudden, brutal lessons eh!
    Bring them on.


    • 29/11/2011 22:24

      While the Natz lost 10% of theirs… brutal!


  3. Roger permalink
    28/11/2011 14:54


    Surprised to see you’re laughing in your avatar – after the towelling you and your pinko mates got on the weekend you are the last person I would seek political advice from. You have no concept of principle. However the lessons will shortly be arriving – short, sudden and brutal; now that the HM Loyal Opposition has to choose their leader – will it be Labour? Greens or perhaps the biggest mongrel of all Winston First.

    Good times I’m sure.


  4. 27/11/2011 21:05

    The Right argues that it’s okay to advise voters who to vote for, yes?
    The Left says the Epsom Charade is icky.
    They are correct.


  5. pdm permalink
    27/11/2011 15:42

    Not so RG – Adam is right on the money with this post. Hypocrisy reigns supreme on the left and in the left wing biased media.


    • 27/11/2011 19:08


      fail again


  6. 27/11/2011 14:18

    Adam – you are missing the salient point. Damien O’Conner is a fair sort of chap and a good politician. Kevin Hague’s open encouragement to vote for Damien is quite benign.
    Banks, on the other hand, is despicable and Key’s slippery endorsement of such a rat was a disgrace.
    See? That’s where you’re getting it wrong.


    • 27/11/2011 19:06

      as usual you distort the facts.

      The issue is not acceptability but principle
      A stranger in your mindset


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