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Compelling reason Labour fell short #1


John Armstrong in NZ Herald today:-

Labour more and more resembles a political club serving only the interests of its various sects, rather than a mass political movement catering to the needs of a wider society.

Damien o’Connor got it right earlier in the year. Stood only in the electorate and was returned.

Note O’Connor received 14,646 votes and Labour party vote 8,510

Auchinvole (National ) 12,359 but party vote National 14,430 . A very telling outcome in an electorate oft regarded as the spiritual home of NZ Labour.



  1. 03/12/2011 14:39

    Not just the spiritual home of NZ Labour Adam, but the place where the NZLP was born. It shows just how far Labour has moved away from its working-class-and-proud-of-it roots.


    • 03/12/2011 14:44

      Actually I wonder just how proud they really are of those roots, or indeed would the founding fathers have been proud of today’s Labour


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