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Compelling reason Labour fell short #2


The reasons why Labour fared so badly are far more serious than the vote-pulling power of John Key’s persona or the near impossibility of unseating a Government that has served just one term.

Labour – the party of the Third Way – has simply lost its way.

As John Armstrong wrote today.

Labour failed to come to terms with the loss in 2008. No attempt to understand what went wrong. The focus yet again on attacking John Key. This approach failed in 2008. It failed utterly and completely in 2011. It exposed labour as a party that had in 3 years:-

“They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.”

as French statesman Talleyrand once wrote of the French royal family. The Bourbon kings are now but a part of history as NZ Labour might well be if it fails to understand the reasons for failing, and failing very badly.

As Labour advertising/broaddcasts indicated the party appeared to live in the past dwelling on the golden days of Micky Savage rather than in 2011, indeed the past is where they seemed more at home.

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