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The ABC Labour group – questionable motivation?


Now Adam does not like David Cunliffe, but he wonders just who are the members of the ABC grouping. Could it be that some reckon Cunners will do what many commentators say is necessary, as Fran O’Sullivan today writes:-

The new leader must renew the party and trim any dead wood

It is important that Clark diehards are persuaded to move on. The biggest challenge facing the next leader of the Labour Party is to build a modern and effective political team that is not hostage to Helen Clark’s fellow travellers and union apparatchiks.

Is the ABC composed of dead wood, Clark mediocrities and union hacks – all of them past their useful time?

Is it fear of change and reality that motivates the ABC?

Is it that Cunners will wield a necessary axe with gusto that drives the ABC group?

Perhaps Cunners might do what that ‘nice’ Mr Shearer will not!


Update #1 It seems Whaleoil has a similar view

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  1. pdm permalink
    04/12/2011 10:30

    I doubt Cunliffe would cut too much dead wood (or wood of any type for that matter). Adfter all he admitted on The Nation yesterday that he speaks with Clark regularly – the last time about a week ago.

    It seems to me either way – Cunliffe or Shearer – the Labour Caucus will continue to be run from New York.


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