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Why Shearer?


The rush to Shearer by commentators, media, bloggers etc is unnerving and worrying.

There is a failure to really question Shearer as to what he stands for or does not.

His most recent outing on Q&A was dreadful he came across very badly. He has said little of substance since being elected to Helen Clark’s old seat.

When Hooton and McCarten both promote Shearer, Adam’s immediate response is suspicion.

McCarten, as ever, overdoes the spin, pushing the nonsense quote, already gaining the status of urban myth:-

He has an amazing personal story, leading UN humanitarian efforts around the world. Shearer’s comparison with John Key is stark. Both men spent 20 years overseas making a difference: John Key working to make $50 million for himself, while David Shearer was working to save 50 million lives from war, poverty and famine. This one sentence tells us everything we need to know about these two.

This statement has to be challenged and stomped on. Shearer did not save 50 million lives, he is not Mother Theresa. He worked for the UN, a notoriously inefficient and inept organisation, with a record of overpaid flunkies achieveing not a lot.

The so called back story, as peddled above, seeks to suggest that Shearer is a moral saintly person and Key immoral and evil.

We on the right are buying into a scanario we may well come to regret.

The MSM and bloggers need to probe the Shearer myths much more closely and peel back the surface layers to see if there is any substance.


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