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Charter Schools – profit not a dirty word


An interesting article from the Daily Telegraph on how a group of British parents determined to improve their childrens education have established a school to be run, on a profit basis, by a Swedish company.

Note a Swedish company from that bastion of progressive socialism,

IES chain, meanwhile, has 20 schools with 11,200 pupils and a waiting list of 50,000. This is the difference which the profit principle makes, when matched by a true entrepreneur. In Sweden, all parties – apart from the former communists – now accept the principle. The profit motive is seen as the surest guarantor of social justice, ensuring new schools reach the neighbourhoods that need them most. In the last Swedish elections, the social democrats ran on the slogan “pupils should choose schools, not vice versa”. The idea of parents having the world’s best providers at their disposal is – to Swedes – the correct order of things.

Note the comments above.

So the left in Sweden believes in pupil/parent choice

I wonder if St David of Mt Albert does? Or as a former teacher is he wedded to the idea that teachers rule not parents?

It would appear that charter schools are not of themselves bad, if appropriate frameworks are in place, a point made in the much quoted and mis-used Stanford report as well.

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