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Greens on foreign policy


Whilst not converted to their viewpoint, Adam has a liking for their looking at foreign affairs as a Global Affairs issue as Kennedy Graham writes thoughtfully

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  1. 20/12/2011 20:22

    I had a read, and fair enough for a Treehugger Party.

    However, to business.. the Pax Europa has been guaranteed by the US with tens of thousands of soldiers in Germany, a massive missile programme and the thunderous air power of the same nation.

    Under this umbrella the happy denizens of Europa formed the EU and were able to play nicely together under the benevolent gaze of good old Uncle Sam.

    However, when the GFC hit, Uncle Sam, like the preacher in “Blazing Saddles” said.. “You’re on yer own, son”. So now Britain is out on a limb, Germany and France are trying to separate from their Mediterranean cousins and Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and others are going down.

    Two weeks ago, the domestic Doofus Obama pulled a stunning foreign policy achievement all unnoticed.. he opened a military portal in Australia for forward observation and strike power against China and a day or so later brought India, Vietnam and Burma under a cooperative Western umbrella to isolate China.. we await China’s response.

    In 2005 the US was 70% dependent on foreign fuel, today its 46% dependent and in 5-10 years will be a net exporter like Canada.. energy finds in Sth America mean that the Americas will soon have 6-10 times the proven reserves of Saudi Arabia; meanwhile, China has discovered trillions of tonnes of natural gas under its soils..

    Meanwhile, over in the Middle East, the sanctions against Iran are growing from the Arab countries, the US and Europe.. in frustration Saudi Arabia has said that if the US/Israel wont destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities it will buy its own bomb.. probably from Pakistan whose clandestine nuclear programme it financed. Also ongoing, Turkey has revived its Ottoman Empire ambitions and has fallen out with Iran and Syria and Hezbollah.. Egypt, the centre of Arab civilisation has just several months of financial reserves to feed its people (it imports half its food requirements), and its wealthy Arab neighbours are promising but not delivering succour.. again, Egypt is running into the Blazing Saddles phenomenon.

    In other news, the latest Doha round has died along with Kyoto.. all for the same reasons.. both tried to harness national ambitions and imperatives to the World Trade Organisation and to the UN, and both have failed abysmally. Perhaps these show how incredibly fractured is the notion of anything Global organised by governments.

    However, under the radar, I have a mate in South Africa that I met via a rugby email group. I can email him to arrange a sale of logs that met certain criteria.. he can arrange with a colleague in Holland to receive some container loads of logs.. and so it goes up the chain of volume and complexity with private deals. I can even arrange a reciprocal deal with Vietnam where I ship a container of accacia wood and they send me back a container of finished tables and chairs made out of the wood I sent them..

    My point?

    The GFC is the catalyst for a massive realignment in the way that nations view the world, there are now no inviolate treaties but just a need to survive and prosper (if possible). As the EU or Kyoto proves daily, there is no EU or Kyoto.. just a bunch of countries looking to their own self interest.. the bureaucrats, the politicians and the advocacy scientists and their groupies are powerless to prevent the breakup of their grand schemes.. all thats left is trade across borders, and only the likes of North Korea can (imperfectly) stop that.

    The NZ Greens might have to accept that all politics is now local, and their main enemy is Shane Jones.. who has said that mining should be part of regional development.



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