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Adam’s Little List


Drawing upon the immortal Gibert &  Sullivan operetta, The Mikado, where the ‘patter song’  was about those who would not be missed if dispensed with, via  the executioners block. Adam has some thoughts in a NZ context:-


Winston Peters

Trevor Mallard

The entire crew at The Standard

Darien Fenton

Maryan Street

Andrew Williams

Andrew Cunliffe

Brian Edwards

Bomber Bradbury

Penny Bright

Patrick Gower

Tapu Misa

John Campbell

Mark Sainsbury

Petra Bagust

Brian Rudman

Duncan Garner

Rajan Prasad

Raymond Huo

Jonathan Coleman

Ruth Dyson

no particular ranking and there are others, but a starting point.

Please feel free to add new names

Here is Thomas Allen from the Proms, enjoy

  1. Colin McIntyre permalink
    07/01/2012 13:49

    Penny Bright should not be on your list.She is one person who is rightfully concerned over the amount of corruption that takes place in New Zealand.


  2. 04/01/2012 10:55

    Who the hell is Andrew Cunliffe?

    I googled him and he is a washing machine repairer in the UK


  3. DyannT permalink
    29/12/2011 13:39

    Joris de Bries


  4. Allan permalink
    29/12/2011 12:43

    Helen Clark, Michael Cullen and Chris Carter would be excellent candidates for the list. The first 2 did immeasurable damage to NZ’s economy and social values during their time in office.


  5. pdm permalink
    28/12/2011 06:59

    Greenpeace and particularly all involved with the Sea Sheppard.


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