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Guess who!


Which blogging legend, in his mirror’s view, wrote this drivel:-

” we revel in a year of media banality and political apathy as the country slowly faces the collapse of the entire neo liberal Washington consensus hegemonic structure with all the awareness of a brain dead coma patient.”


There is no need to parody or make fun of anybody who can write such mind numbing crap, as they do the deed all on their own.

  1. Paranormal permalink
    13/01/2012 14:01

    The person who wrote that must at least have post graduate qualifications in some sort of social science.


  2. blue leopard permalink
    11/01/2012 13:11

    Sounds like Bomber-vote-him-for-PM-Bradbury to me. We should have a national day of celebration put aside for the disintegration of the Neo Liberal Washington consensus hegemonic structure, too close adherence to this ideology has undermined the benefits of both capitalism and democracy.

    Re your death wish list article (above): SUGGESTION: How about renaming this site ‘Minds Of The Inquisition’?


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