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Crafar Farms – some facts #1


So Government is to permit the Crafar farms to be sold to Chinese interests.

Immediately we see out pourings of faux indignation.

For example No Right Turn writes:-

so we end up with a strategic asset and a significant chunk of our dairy production falling into foreign hands

Reading that one might be concerned.

Yet apparently in mid-2005, there were 12,786 dairy farms, with a total area of 2.1 million hectares. Adam understands that the Crafar farms are some 8,000 hectares max. So this so called strategic asset, about which NRT and others are so concerned is 0.003% of the land in dairy. My god that really, really is strategic NOT

Then the 16 farms represent 0.001% of the number of farms, another hugely significant chunk of farm ownership.NOT

Given that it is estimated that of NZ productive agricultural land that some 7% is foreign owned, it is hard to take the concern of NRT seriously, other than to conclude that he like many has a hang-up about inward investment.

Yet as usual in NZ it seems that many, including some politicans are not afraid to let facts get in the way of a beat-up, xenophobia or good old hyprocrisy

  1. Hauraki permalink
    31/01/2012 14:49

    8,000/2,100,00 = 0.0038 which is 0.38% not 0.003%

    similar with number of farms.


  2. 27/01/2012 16:03

    It’d be nice to go over to NRT and tell him about his over-egging of the pudding, but of course, Malcolm doesn’t like people challenging him, so he doesn’t accept comments. His opinion on this has about as much merit as that of Winston Peters.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      27/01/2012 17:14



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