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Crafar Farms – some facts #2


Overheard on Jim Mora’s panel discussion today.

Apparently Ngai Tahu have sold, yes sold some forestry land, yes land, to foreigners. Yes nasty foreigners, in this case Swiss, have purchsed land from Ngai Tahu.

Where is the hullabaloo about this?

Where is Winston Peters re this?

Where are the iwi protesting the sale of land?

Adam thought Maori did not sell land?

Where is the MSM manufacturing news re this?

What benefits do the Swiss bring to our forsetry sector?

Where is the left wing outrage?

Where is Caspar in this?

Seems that white yodelling Swiss are somehow not as dangerous as men from China.

Again Adam says far too many people in this Crafar matter are two faced hypocrites.


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