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More stupidity re Crafar


In a post at The Stranded, Redlogix has a diatribe about Fran O’Sullivan’s excellent Herald article this morning.

The post soon degenerates into a tirade against the government, with a good dose of Key Derangement Syndrome, finishing with this ‘gem’

Anyone now doubt what Key is and more importantly WHY he left a very well paid, highly influential job in the merchant banking industry back in 2000 to become a very lowly back-bench MP for a party that had been firmly booted from power just a year before?

Clearly insinuating that Key is somehow personnally gaining from the deal. Redlogix in his post seems to have only a tenuous grip on reality.

The comments are as usual at The Stranded full of bile, copious instances of KDS, and a lack of any relationship with normality and as usual one Millsy has to have a go, this moniker will be familiar to readers of other blogs. His bilious contribution was


Quisling, Laval, Petain and the other collaborators were rewarded for their treachery with a one way trip to the gallows.

In time, the likes of O’Sullivan, Key, Williamson and Coleman, will find themselves heading there too.

So Millsy now advocates the slaughter of those who he takes a dislike to. Clearly an individual who believes, like Stalin, in only one view – his

Adam is now off to shower away the stink that comes from reading The Stranded.


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