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Crafar Farms – more abuse and vitriol by the ill informed


A typical example of the ‘educated’ debate on the issue of the Crafar farms, seen in the comments on Sean Plunket’s extremely poor column yesterday.

scotty   #6   09:07 am Jan 29 2012

jonkey has been based off shore for 17 years,once the damage is complete he will fly back to his mansion in Hawaii. he aims to turn nz into a sweatshop, all kiwis will be tenants in there own country,he compares china’s workers only get paid $2 hour,and thinks minim wage should come down, europeans are getting turned down jobs here because immigrant business owners cannot integrate and hire there own.

Yet another virulent, bilious and incoherent comment by a product of, supposedly the best education system in the world. In addition the commenter obviously is suffering  from an attack of Key Derangement Syndrome.

Increasingly much of the comment in the media, on blogs and in broadcasts is taking on a vary nasty and dark undertone. The waves of bigotry and intolerance are being fanned by an unholy alliance of Winston Peters, Michael Fay, the Greens and various media commentators, supported by some nutjobs and wingnuts in the blogosphere.

So much for the self image of the tolerant Kiwi.




  1. 30/01/2012 11:54


    I used the term KDS because the attacks focus on
    Key rather than policy and in the case of China and the FTA this was very much both Labour & National policy.

    I think much of National policy is poor, but Labour’s tends to be even poorer.

    Considerable improvment could be made on both sides, but implicitly accusing Key of corruption all the time, or Fran O’Sullican of being a traitor is simply stupid. The item I picked on exmplfied the silly extremist tone adopted by many.

    Indeed on the right there are some who dislike Key as much if not more


    • 30/01/2012 15:08

      Would it be fair then Adam, to accuse you of suffering from ‘WPDS’ Winston Peters Derangement Syndrome’ and level that charge at you every time you mention him?
      I’m sure you’d bristle at being labeled as a sufferer of a derangement, as no doubt you believe that your ‘reservations’ about Winston Peters are based on real facts. You are happy though, to dismiss those who criticise Key as sufferers of a derangement.I wonder if you can feel the fit of those ‘other person’s’ shoes?


      • 30/01/2012 17:03


        you are ignoring reality. those I criticise on the left say/insinuate that Key is corrupt and/or some sort of Dickensian oppressor. That is simply stupid and irrational. It is not debate.

        regarding Peters , I see him as a clever, manipulative populist who has consistently been seen by many to have a view of the world which again parts company with reality. I am not deranged about Peters, he was found to be deficient by the Privilieges Committee. Peters method of debate is to ignore the facts and complain about everything.


        • 30/01/2012 17:16


          “I see him as a clever, manipulative populist who has consistently been seen by many to have a view of the world which again parts company with reality”

          This would describe accurately the view that many people have of Key.
          If you are happy to accept the above as evidence of a derangement,
          I think you can be accurately described as having Winston Peters Derangement Syndrome.


  2. jack permalink
    29/01/2012 16:07

    “virulent, bilious and incoherent comment ” Attack the messenger with adjectives like “nutjobs”… you sound like Finlayson when anyone attacks his Marine and Area Coastal Bill. I agree with Scott. Key will financially ruin our country and will leave once he has helped his mates. Let’s start off with South Canterbery bailout scheme then go to AMI, then off to his tax reductions and raise gst scheme, I could go on. The only reason Key got voted back in, not because he is doing a good job, but our media are extremely friendly to him, but then look at the owners.. offshore.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      29/01/2012 16:35

      Jack, you are another one suffering from KDS as well


  3. 29/01/2012 15:38

    You don’t mention those from the Right, Adam.
    Are their comments in the media somehow different – a more noble class of commenter perhaps?
    What is it you are thinking here?


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      29/01/2012 16:37

      Actually much of the negative comment is from the left re Crafar decision. Point me in the direction of a so called right wing negative in this matter and I will be as happy to attack them as well


      • 30/01/2012 07:26

        Adam, that’s very transparent an argument. Criticism of the Crafar-to-China deal won’t come from the Right – they’d not dare gainsay their Golden Boy leader, who by the way, has emerged from the deal looking two faced and fork-tongued – “tenants in our own land’ anyone?
        Good grief. Talk about an own goal.
        Your trotting out of the ‘Key Derangement Syndrom’ accusation every time anyone mentions Key in anything other than glowing terms is well below you, Adam. Or should be. It’s being used by Key-supportive bloggers like a dull club to suppress any reasonable discussion about Key and his party.
        There’s some reason why no criticism should be levelled at Key?
        Do tell us why that is.


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