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Wonder if Fran reads The Inquiring Mind?


The other day Adam pointed out the hypocrisy and racism inherent in welcoming James Cameron, but being anti-Chinese.

Adam wrote:-

NZ is a disgrace on this issue, the intolerance and racial hatred is obnoxious and disgusting. The message to the world on this, is white OK, yellow not wanted. Now we know why NZ is the land of the Long White Cloud. It is the Land of the KKK Cloud.

This morning in an excellent column in the NZ Herald, Fran O’Sullivan wrote in relation to a despicable post and comments at The Stranded:-

I experienced a bit of this myself last week when the website,, branded me an “enemy of the people” for supporting the sale.

To my mind the deal provides much greater upside for New Zealand than many of the other farms sales which have gone to foreign interests in recent years.

The Standard is reputed to have been started by a bunch of Labour Party activists. Most posters won’t sign their names to their comments because they are frightened they will be held responsible. They are frankly cowards.

I finally branded them the “Ku Klux Klan” of the internet world on Twitter. A bunch of lily-livered word jocks who hide behind their virtual cloaks of anonymity.

So I wondered if Fran reads Adam’s posts. Probably not, but an interesting convergence of views.

  1. 05/02/2012 06:52

    Adam; Robert has no respect for anyone’s view if it differs from his own. Myopia is alive, well and living in Riverton.


    • 05/02/2012 07:51

      “Your problem is that you will not respect my right to have a view which is contrary to yours, it seems to me.”

      Adam. I’ve not ‘disrespected your right to have a view’, as you charge. You have every right to your view. What I am doing is challenging that view, and suggesting that you modify it. Inventory2 seems as unable to differentiate between the two positions as ou are. Must be a Tory thing. Demanding that I respect views that differ from my own only works if those views are worthy of respect. Equating left wing New Zealanders with Ku Klux Klan is not a view that is worthy of respect, in my opinion. Do either you or Keeping Inventory #2 respect the views of Winston Peters, for example? Your posts on him don’t drip with respect, I notice.


      • 05/02/2012 07:55

        Oh! Here’s my answer, from Keeping Stock:

        “But at least a couple of callers used words such as “but Winston said…”, which rather undermines their argument!”

        Dear oh dear oh dear!


      • 05/02/2012 10:42

        Robert, I do you the courtesy of respecting your right to a different view even when I disagree with the view.

        I do not like Winston Peters, nor do I have to respect him, but I do respect his right to a different view.

        Actually I did not say left wing New Zealanders were akin to the KKK, I said that many in NZ seemed to espouse attitudes not dissimilar to the KKK when it came to the sale of the farms, formerly owned by the Crafars, to a Chinese buyer. Many of those who are anti may well not be left wing.

        On the subject of racism and the KKK, last night when I was unable to sleep due to insomnia I heard a caller to talkback go on about how the problem was that John Key was Jewish and as such in league with foreign interests, and that everyone knew that the Jews started the Second World War. When people state things like that on the radio as fact, I do not think my use of the KKK analogy is overblown at all.


        • 05/02/2012 15:50

          Well, Adam, that talkback caller you heard proves it then!
          As you said, New Zealand is the Land of the Ku Klux Klan Cloud.


  2. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    04/02/2012 12:10

    Robert if the pointy hood fits wear it!

    The number of comments made about Chinese people recently and the attributes they are assumed to possess by many callers to talkback are very reminiscent of attitudes struck by the KKK. The KKK label is unpleasant, but it was used deliberately to point up the white supremacist attitude adopted by so many. The fact that so many people who are anti-Chinese are pro allowing James Cameron to buy land, or Harvard Univeristy to buy forests, or Dutch and Brits to buy farms but object to the Chinese goes a long way, in my humble opinion, to justify the argument used to get the point across.

    Regarding Fran’s comment on anonymous tags, I really do not care either way and have no strong feelings on the point.


    • 04/02/2012 13:03

      Adam, you are equating New Zealanders who express concern about the growth of Chinese influence in New Zealand, with racist American’s who hung some of their countrymen in trees by the neck until they were dead.

      Expecting to see strange fruit in Aotearoa sometime soon, Adam?

      Think it through.


      • adamsmith1922 permalink*
        04/02/2012 13:16

        Robert given some of the comments at The Standard last week about Fran O’Sullivan and others that is precisely what some over there did suggest or an equivalent, so it was those commentators who were advocating strange fruit.


    • 04/02/2012 13:03

      Nice to see that Adam has attracted a troll who is persona non grata elsewhere for, among other things, accusations of cowardice.


      • 04/02/2012 14:47

        “Keeping Stock”?
        Weren’t you, “Inventory2”?
        You are hiding behind fake names, which need to be changed, for some reason.
        Are you not brave enough to comment under your own name?
        I am.

        Adam. Others may have said the same thing, but as I read it here, you are waving the KKK flag with gusto. I wish you’d reconsider your position.


        • adamsmith1922 permalink*
          04/02/2012 17:32


          I am not waving the KKK flag at all, I passed a considered observation, which you object to. as you are fully entitled to do. I have not said you are not entitled to your view. I do not object to your view, though I disagree with your ananlysis.

          Your problem is that you will not respect my right to have a view which is contrary to yours, it seems to me.


        • 05/02/2012 06:53

          Good for you Robert. For me, it’s a matter of choice and circumstance, not a matter of bravery.


  3. 04/02/2012 11:43

    You are proud of inciting the spectre of the Ku Klux Klan and labeling fellow New Zealanders with the disgusting title, Adam?
    (As a side issue, do you also agree with Fran that those who post anonymously are “cowards”?
    That casts your mate Inventory2/Keeping Stock in an ‘interesting’ light.
    Do you regard him a coward?
    Looking forward to your defense/response.


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