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A Portrait of the Leader of the Opposition


As a Herald reader notes:-

Never before in the history of mankind has such a monumentally galactic ego done so little for a country in such a long period of time.


  1. 09/02/2012 20:20

    He’s already caused some abrasions, Adam. Won’t be long til he draws blood. You really do seem fascinated by him. Key must be furious with himself for making it so easy for Peters to get back in. Most believe that Key is the game-master when it comes to politics, but Winnie has him on the hop and is applying the thumbscrews only slowly, for now…


    • Paranormal permalink
      10/02/2012 10:11

      RG you seem to have missed Winnies performance in the house yesterday. Everyone was laughing at him. It was either early onset oldtimers or the piss fairy talking. On the hop – I don’t think so.


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