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Has National lost the plot?


Since the election National appears to have failed at political management 101 big time, for example:-

1. SOE and Clause 9

2. SOE sales and failing to plan for potential dilution over time of holding when capital is raised

3. McCully and his email hack

4. Brownlee and the ‘clown’ Parker

5. Crafar farms

One could be forgiven for wondering if anyone was in charge. Media and political management has been abysmal, as National fumble and stumble from one mess to another mess.

National have signally failed to make people understand why trade and foreign inward investment are essential. The failure to defuse the Crafar issue will cause National major grief, both domesticall and internationally.

National needs to get a grip and quickly, else 2014 will be lost for sure.

  1. smttc permalink
    16/02/2012 21:06

    I agree and I think it is down to lack of forsight as to the implications of some of their policies. The SOE share dilution issue being a classic example. National should never have taken on the issue of assets partial sell down if they had not done their homework thoroughly and clearly they have not.

    I am starting to wonder if on certain issues they are just shooting from the hip and if that is the case then even i have to wonder about their political prospects in 2014.


  2. 16/02/2012 19:39

    Really? Oh well, as a Green, you’d expect me to fail to understand even basic comments. This one, for example, had me thinking you were a rabid anti-Green:

    adamsmith1922 (693) Says:
    February 16th, 2012 at 6:41 pm
    What a load of socialist, saccharine codswallop wrapped up in psychobabble and pretentious statements from the Greens.

    The cult of the collective and the evils of individualism, hell have they learnt nothing from history.

    God forbid they ever wield any real power.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      17/02/2012 08:50

      not a rabid anti green, but anti claptrap wrapped up in psychobabble


  3. 16/02/2012 19:24

    Too late, it’s done (and there’ll be more where that came from, I predict).
    What a shambles, what a sham. It’s the dishonesty that rankles the most – the sense that we, the public, are being taken for fools. People don’t respond well to being made fools of, eh Adam. The constantly shifting ground, the ‘re-framing’ of expectations, the clever words from Key that wrap everything in shiny wrapping paper but there’s nothing inside. As for selling our stuff, what a disastrous path to take. That’s going to sink this Government quick smart.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      16/02/2012 19:30


      I think you have mis-interpreted my comments


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