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On Mallard’s hypocrisy


A commenter at Stuff writes:

It’s not a question of whether there was any wrong doing under the letter of the law (introduced by the person in question).

Here is the man who was responsible for legislation intended to make it illegal for people to enter into private agreements to on-sell tickets for higher than face value for events that they could not use. And here he is engaging in PRECISELY that activity that he previously aimed to make ILLEGAL for the rest of us.

Sure, this specific event is not technically covered by the legislation that was eventually put on the books, so he has sufficient wriggle room. But if he feels justified in his actions then why not be up-front about it?

Why try to spin some cock-and-bull notion that he didn’t know about “Buy Now” ? The claim that he didn’t know about it or how to apply it simply beggars belief.

It is clear that he knew that what he was doing was – if not wrong – then highly questionable given his stance on this sort of thing in the past.

Rank hypocrisy and inappropriate conduct of an MP is the issue here, and Mallard stinks of the stuff.

Interestingly many could see no wrong in Mallard’s actions. This might be lack of knowledge on their part, or failure to draw a distinction between behaving ethically  and legally.


  1. pdm permalink
    17/02/2012 10:35

    RG as well as daft there are two other issues:
    1. The arrogant hypocrisy.
    2. The refusal to say sorry.


  2. 16/02/2012 19:25

    Truly daft, Daffy Duck!


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      17/02/2012 08:52

      we agree


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