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A comment on the Crafar decision


David Farrar has written a post on this issue which Adam disagrees with; however Adam was struck by this sentence in a comment on Mr Farrar’s post:-

But this makes NZ look like a bunch of inbred hillbillies who don’t want to engage with the world, seem determined to make normal commercial activity as difficult as possible, and who are petrified by Asian people. Surely even places like Alabama aren’t as backward and racist as the NZ of Shearer, Peters, and Norman?

No doubt all the usual commenters who dispute NZ being racist will immediately decry this comment, as will all those who hate business and deny the need for inward investment. Yet merely reading the comments on many posts across the blogosphere and briefly listening to talkback comments will substantially corroborate the comment.


  1. Quintin Hogg permalink
    18/02/2012 07:55

    I act for a number of Asians.
    The anti-Asian sentiment and rhetoric generated by the Crafar farms matter saddens them as much as it astonished me.
    Whether those who decried the decision like or not our focus will in the future be Asia and not the crumbling ruin of the EU.


  2. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    17/02/2012 17:09


    given that many people have made overtly racist comment re the possibility of Chinese investment why should I not draw this conclusion.

    When I add to that all those who seem to dislike business why should one not draw an adverse conclusion.

    In many respects based on much comment I have read it is not far from the issues. there are some reasonable arguments against foreign land purchase, but not against land purchase because the purchaser is Chinese.


  3. 17/02/2012 16:38

    Well, Adam, the reason some of your readers will balk at that statement and wonder why you selected that one in particular is because it’s so far from the truth of the issue as to be laughable. As for your taking succor from ‘briefly listening to talkback comments’ and comments on ‘many posts across the blogosphere’, I’m left stunned by the realization of where you draw your opinion from.
    The comment that hangs in the air is, You can’t be serious!!!


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