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Adam is sick and tired of…..


1. Radio New Zealand’s left wing bias

2. Gary Parsloe

3. TVNZ’s so called news bulletins

4. Crafar Farms and people who think Michael Fay has the best interests of NZ in mind

5 “Asset sales” which are not, they are sales of minority stakes in some companies

6 Hypocrisy from Labour over how partially floated energy companies will price gouge, when underr Labour these companies did precisely that for 9 years so Clark/Cullen could bribe the electorate

7 Lucy Lawless

8 Gareth Hughes

9 Whipped up nationalism over farm sales, when all the time successful innovative companies are being sold to foreign owners with nary any comment

10 Grant Robertson

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  1. 10/03/2012 11:05

    well said.


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