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An odious and offensive comparison


Adam could barely believe it when he read that Tame Iti’s lawyer had declared that Iti was comparable to Nelson Mandela .

It was to Adam’s mind an odious and deeply offensive comparision. Apart from causing Adam to wonder what planet the lawyer inhabited, the idea was just outrageous.

  1. pdm permalink
    17/03/2012 07:18

    Cadwallader beat me to it. That Lawyer was of course the odious Russell Fairbrother, back on the legal aid tit after an anonymous time as a Labour MP where he turned the safe Labour seat of Napier into a safe National seat.

    Fairbrother has always been a totally unlikeable person.


  2. Cadwallader permalink
    16/03/2012 20:09

    Legal aid lawyers have few brains, fewer morals and no idea how to function without sucking from the public tit. Fairbrother is, after all a former Labour MP! His ability to churn out derisive crap is evidently without limit.


  3. 16/03/2012 19:31

    Took the words right out of our mouths. I don’t know how some of these lawyers lie straight in bed


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