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Battle of the speeches – a non event


The media comment about the so called Super Thursday to denote the fact that Key and Shearer were giving speeches on the same day was simply ludicrous and symptomatic of the poor quality of what passes for political journalism in NZ.

Key’s speech had long been touted as being about the need for reform of the civil service, wheras Shearer’s was about defing his ‘vision’ and where he stood.

The media talked it up as some sort of gladiatorial combat when it was, in reality, nothing of the sort.

Neither speech was especially inspiring, though both had some useful things in them if these are pursued and Key and Shearer are measured against their statements.

Neither of the speeches were the equivalent of the Sermon on the Mount.

To this commentator Super Thursday did not exist. Much of the media and other commentary was facile in the extreme.

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