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NZ good for lambs!!


Is this really David Shearer’s vision?

This new New Zealand will be the kind of place the rest of world would like to live.

It will be clean,
it will be green,
it will be clever …
and it will be a place that’s good for lambs.

Adam is not a fan of Shearer, but the paucity of imagination expressed here appalls him. Yet none in the MSM have remarked upon this.

NZ a place good for lambs, not people but lambs. What the hell?

Criteria for assessment lacking

  1. pdm permalink
    18/03/2012 19:06

    History shows that New Zealand has always been a good place are lambed. Production has improved to the extent that lambing percentages are consistently improving and 120% plus is not uncommon. Lambs are then fattened and then sent to the freezing works for killing and export.

    They remain core to New Zealands economic future.
    Ignorant townies like shearer should keep their noses out of NZ arming.



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