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Tom Scott moves to the right??


Now Adam has assumed that Tom Scott, cartoonist for the Dominion Post, is of the Leftie persuasion but Scott’s cartoon today makes Adam wonder:-

Tom Scott on Student debt

Scott is criticisng Key for not tackling the issue.

1 Does this mean Scott thinks this middle-class election bribe (Cullen’s interest free vote buying) should be reined in severely?

2 Will he criticise Shearer on this as well?

3 Will he denounce the Greens on this also?

4 Or is this just attacking Key for the sake of attcking Key?

  1. 19/03/2012 14:50

    Interest free student loans not a left versus right issue, it’s a good governance issue.


  2. Anon permalink
    17/03/2012 15:00

    Definitely #4. Scott, like all the loony left, aren’t bothered by hypocrisy.
    He’s a cartoonist not a political Journalist.



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