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The real fail in the education debacle


Duncan Garner , a political journalist for TV3, wrote the other day:-

I got home last night and my 12-year-old step daughter was waiting for me with a stern message: “We all hate John Key,” she exclaimed.

Why, I said – pretending to be shocked by it all, but secretly knowing what she was about to say.

“Well, he’s going to close our cooking and technology classes at our school. So we all hate him. And we’re writing him letters – no one likes him at our school anymore,” she said.

This is but one example of where it appears teachers were using children to create Fear, Uncertainty and Dread amongst parents and children on the class size and change to technology teaching issue. It must be said though that the teachers were more than ably assisted in this endeavour by the actions of the Govenment and its incompetence in managing this issue.

Yet Garner and as far as Adam can see virtually all the media focussed on the cock-up and how it will redound to the detriment of National, Parata and John Key.

Yet, with the possible exception of Sean Plunket’s Newstalk ZB show, there has been little coverage and certainly none that Adam has seen in print or on TV on the desirability of teachers creating FUD amongst their pupils and using class time to get pupils to write letters complaining about the cuts.

It seems to Adam that amongst all the hoopla about the government’s epic fail on this issue, the media and indeed politicians appear not to think it inappropriate that teachers should be using their pupils to further their own political ends.

Or is it the case that in NZ we now automatically assume that children will be indoctrinated with their teachers’ views rather than with facts, not just on politics, but green issues, science, history etc.

To Adam’s mind there was and is a far greater issue to be addressed that is the impact of the politicisation of schoolchildren by teachers.

Where is the media commentary on this major issue?

The failure to address this issue and stop the rot is an epic fail. A fail by the MSM and by successive governments. No wonder there is such an anti-business, anti-success attitude so prevalent amongst so many.

  1. Kiwi Dave permalink
    02/08/2012 14:38

    I haven’t taught in NZ for 10 years, so I’m out of touch.

    Anecdotes are not data. How typical are they?

    If parents object to this, and they should, they need to complain to the teacher and/or the principal.


  2. Quintin Hogg permalink
    11/06/2012 08:02

    I saw that comment on another site.
    Quite frankly I am astonished and disappointed that teachers are “teaching” or allowing
    their charges to hate another person.
    That sort of conduct leads envitably, in my view, to the extremisim that is encapsulated in the words “Arbeit Macht Frei”.


  3. Trish permalink
    10/06/2012 20:11

    Actually I can vouch for this. My son was asked to do something very similar. The class were even going to send photos of a ‘murder of a tech teacher’ – a fake blood-splattered forensic scene conveniently mocked up by the tech centre’s biotech teacher. No, I’m not kidding and my kids don’t go to the same school as Duncan Garner’s.


  4. 10/06/2012 19:31

    Not making it up, Adam? Then you’ll have some supporting evidence to link to to show that your whole claim is something more than just supposition.


  5. 10/06/2012 16:16

    How do you know the teachers caused the children to say they hate John Key?
    You don’t. Your prejudice causes you to declare that they did. You have no evidence at all.
    You say, “there has been little coverage and certainly none that Adam has seen in print or on TV on the desirability of teachers creating FUD amongst their pupils and using class time to get pupils to write letters complaining about the cuts., but haven’t realised that there hasn’t been any ‘coverage’ that said that the teachers did do as you profess. You are just making it up. If not, Adam, show me some evidence. One clear statement, anywhere in the media that proves your point will be sufficient. You could start by looking through Trotter’s article and seeing if you can find your proof there. Cheers.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      10/06/2012 18:22

      No I am not,making it up Robert. Your prejudices blind you to reality.

      I do not believe for one second that without prompting a child would come home from school and say ‘we hate John Key and are writing letters.’

      The issue is that your prejudice makes you ignore truth


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