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Adam is sick and tired of …………….


1. Socialist Cindy and the associated refrain that she is a comer in Labour

2. John Banks and his memory loss

3. Trevor Mallard and his nastiness

4. Hodgson the so called cartoonist and his class hatred, unlike many left cartoonists his are not clever, satirical or witty; after all even Tom Scott can be amusing at times, and Chris Slane is very good

5. The teachers unions who continually exemplify Talleyrand’s saying about the Bourbon Kings “”they had learned nothing and forgotten nothing”.

6. Len Brown

7. Tall poppy syndrome

8. The carping negativity  by many in the media about the Olympics, UK and the English in particular

9. The Harawira Family PartyMaori Council and their so called rights.

10. One sided reporting such as Key wrong to say he might not accept Waitangi Tribunal report, when Harawira Family PartyMaori Council says they will in any event pursue litigation, but are not held to account in way Key is

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