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Adam is sick and tired of………..


1 The continual mispronunciation of English words by NZ reporters especially those on radio. Far too many use either American or made up versions of their own.

2 NZ Judges whose grasp of reality appears fuzzy at best when it comes to sentencing

3 The idea that The Sunday Star Times is a newspaper

4 The way that the MSM excitedly report the childish and boorish antics of MPs Winston Peters and Trevor Mallard

5 Constant pandering to the PC tyranny that has invaded or lives

6 The increasingly dictatorial approach of the anti tobacco, alcohol and business nazis and their obsession with regulating our private lives

7 Liberals who are only liberal whilst you agree with them

8 the idea that David Shearer has the support of his caucus

9 The irrelevance that is Phil Goff

10 The faux outrage in much of the media over Prince Harry’s stupidities

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