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This is outrageous


The Dowse art gallery in Lower Hutt has  a new exhibit by an Arab female artist that men will not be allowed to see.

Men will be banned from watching a video display coming to a Lower Hutt art gallery that shows Muslim women without veils.

The Dowse Art Museum is preparing to host the world premiere of the art installation – despite advice from the Human Rights Commission that not letting men inside could be seen as sexual discrimination.

The work, by Qatari writer and film-maker Sophia Al-Maria, is called Cinderazahd: For Your Eyes Only. It features female family members and friends getting ready for a cousin’s wedding, without wearing hijabs, or veils.

The Dowse relies on public money from the rates. This restriction is not acceptable.

As a commentator on Stuff notes:-

This is disappointing.

Art should be about opening experiences and emotion up to all people, helping to break down the barriers that come between us, and teaching other cultures about those things that make us what we are.

That cannot be done if we give into cultural based discrimination.

I would have loved to see this, and have been a loyal visitor to the Dowse since its new inception. But I cannot support this move. I doubt I will return to a place that so completely misses the point of artwork as a whole.

After cancelling the wonderful exhibition from Teresa Margolles due to Maori pressure, I was wondering if they had lost the plot.

Now I am sure. Pathetic.

More and more we yield to PC issues, so called cultural issues and the need to be sensitive.

  1. tim permalink
    25/08/2012 22:22

    But religions do have different attitudes about some of the big issues and people do believe in them. Isn’t being so indignant simply succumbing to the sort of intolerance you are protesting against? It really sounds that way.


  2. 25/08/2012 16:54

    There is no reason for us to be tolerant of religions that are clearly intolerant of others. These belief systems are based on nothing but delusion, whether it’s Islam or Christianity, and they certainly shouldn’t have any right to state what others can and cannot do on the basis of sex.

    I demand the return every cent of money that I may have ever indirectly donated to this gallery.


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