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Adam is sick and tired of……….


1 Restrictions on what we can eat or drink being called ‘reforms’ when they are nothing more than nanny statist attempts to control our lives

2 Bigots of all political and religious persuasions

3 The idea that governments create jobs

4 The fantasy that is Green economics

5 The idea that people should have as many children as they want and then expect society at large to pay for them

6 The profligacy exhibited by so many local councils

7 The abhorrent growth in executive pay at Solid Energy

8 The creeping racism that appears to have seized hold of NZ under the guise of ‘righting past wrongs’

9 Michael Laws

10 The never ending rubbish programming of reality shows and cooking programmes which have come to dominate the broadcast media

  1. pdm permalink
    02/09/2012 18:44

    No8 – change creeping to rampant!!


  2. jeremy laurenson permalink
    01/09/2012 14:59

    Bloody good list. I agree with all but mostly with 3,4,5,6 & 8. You might have added ‘the woolly thinking from those against asset sales” Isn’t it good that “WE” own Solid Energy, Kiwi Rail, Ports of Auckland and even Air NZ!!!!


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