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Good luck Ms Guyton


Whilst Adam is not an environmentalist, nor is he necessarily a full supporter of the Fairtrade movement, it is good to see a teenager strive to make changes in their community

It would be interesting to understand how the objective is being promoted and whether it as seen as assisting the populations of developing countries or a political move by those promulgating the objective in Riverton?

  1. Paranormal permalink
    06/11/2012 14:12

    Ah yes RG, yet again you have missed the point of my rhetorical question. It was certainly not one for Hollie to consider.


  2. 30/09/2012 20:27

    Hollie is entirely genuine, Adam, and enjoyed seeing your post. Did you see her on CampbellLive on Friday night? She organised the whole college for the morning, building shelters from cardboard boxes and other activities designed to highlight child poverty and the need for students to have breakfast, in order to be able to learn effectively through the day.
    Sheś far more of an activist than her tired old dad.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      01/10/2012 07:51



    • Paranormal permalink
      28/10/2012 10:35

      Sorry RG this smacks more of politicisation of children.


      • robertguyton permalink
        04/11/2012 13:51

        She not a child, Paranormal – she’s 18 years of age. Your comment smacks of ideology. Try telling Hollie that she’s being ‘politicised’. That’s a discussion I’d like to be a fly on the wall for!


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