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TRUTH will out???


Cameron Slater on TV3’s The Nation this morning

An informative session, but there was one point in particular which resonated re the comment by Smalley re journalism.

Adam was reminded of this article by John Roughan recently

Roughan made the point that far too much ‘journalism’ was opinion and not facts. Yet Smalley and Edwards and to a lesser extent Ralston were this morning on TV3 criticizing Slater for focusing on opinions.

If we look at Fox News for example, much of its content is opinion rather than fact as is that of TVNZ, TV3 and Radio NZ, ZB etc  to a greater or lesser extent in each instance.

The MSM is far too inclined to criticize without having regard to the motes in their own eyes on the world.

It would be useful if TRUTH under Slater really meant that.


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