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Novopay debacle #3 – an interesting fact and some questions


In the welter of articles and comment on Novopay, Adam noticed this little nugget :-

The original contract was signed in September 2008, but the project was delayed for two years while additional testing was done.

Now it is unclear what the original end date was, let us assume August 2010 as live operation began August 2012. So just what went on in the 2 extra years. Adam finds it hard to believe that it was all testing.

Who was responsible for the delay?

Who paid for the delay?

Were penalties applicable to the delay?

How was the business case affected by the delay?

Were standard reviews of readiness to go live conducted?

In addition given the extra time why do we hear such a lot about inadequate training?



  1. Quintin Hogg permalink
    28/11/2012 11:25

    A further question. What was the reason for the delay?


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      28/11/2012 12:29

      I will be commenting further


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