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Adam is sick and tired of ……….


1 Winston Peters antics in Parliament

2 Helen Kelly and her bile

3 David Cunliffe’s smarm

4 David Shearer’s ‘back story’

5 Jacinda Ardern

6 MSM’s slavish adulation of Kim Dotcom

7 NZ Herald

8 Tracy Watkins

9 Sue Kedgley’s columns in the DomPost

10 The Greens, Greenpeace and their fellow travellers



  1. Ford Anglia permalink
    02/12/2012 18:18

    When state worshiping authoritarians like Robert says “your masters”, he means it literally.
    He and the fellow hive mind crave enslavement of commoners under the jackboot of his beloved communist oligarchy, blueprinted on classic 1930’s freedom hating Eurasian governments. 80 years is not long enough to wipe that dystopian cancer from the consciousness. It is regrettable the stain still lingers within humanity.



    • robertguyton permalink
      08/12/2012 20:51

      Ford is correct. 80 years is not long enough, not long enough at all! It’s as though Ford and I were Siamese twins, the way we think so similarly.


  2. robertguyton permalink
    01/12/2012 22:02

    You are tired of the Greens?
    Wearing-out the opposition is the first step to victory. Soon, we will be your masters.


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