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Adam is sick and tired of……….

December 9, 2012

1 The idea that David Shearer is somehow a leader because of one speech and seeing off a possible leadership coup, which coup if there ever was one was inept to say the least

2 The media’s infatuation with Winston Peters

3 The grotesque adulation of the All Blacks

4 The rubbish which passes for news so often especially on TV

5 The Waitangi Tribunal and its one sided viewpoint

6 Russel Norman and the idea that he could be Finance Minister

7 The sanctimony and smugness of the Greens

8 The hypocrisy of Greenpeace

9 Those in the media who seek to cloak a detestable ‘prank call’ in some shroud of craft or higher calling and thus defend privacy invasion

10 The xenophobia of so many in NZ


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