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Adam is sick and tired of ………

December 15, 2012

1 Did he, didn’t he articles and comments on David Bain

2 The idea that Seven Sharp is a suitable replacement for Close Up, coupled with the notion that it will be lighter in tone than the souffle that was Close Up

3 The waste of space that is TVNZ’s Breakfast show

4 The notion that John Campbell presents a ‘good’ current affairs show, would hate to see a bad one

5 The appalling TV programme scheduling at this time of year

6 Radio NZ closing Morning Report for weeks, as if the earth stopped turning for most of January and changing much of their other programming as well

7  NZ Cricket’s inability to run their operation

8 People who expect ‘the gummint’ to do everything for them

9 Endless procrastination over every decision at every level

10 Luddite Greens who oppose everything

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