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From a Parallel Universe #24


Have not done one in this series for a while, but this DomPost Letter to the Editor cried out for comment under this heading:-

The Dominion Post’s opinion that parents should defer having children till they can provide for them is crass (Editorial, Dec 13). Children are not a luxury item we need to save for.

The Children’s Commissioner’s report shows that low-income earners will always be behind the eight ball. The newspaper should advocate for a living wage for all families. Then its opinion might have merit.



This letter writer seems to assume that people should be able to have children, no doubt as many as they want, and that the state should provide rather than that the parents should.

This exemplifies so much of what is wrong with society. The assumption that the state should always provide and that people need take no responsibility for their actions including breeding children which they cannot afford.

No wonder we have such a appalling record re child abuse.

In addition Adam is tempted to assume that no matter how much is provided in the way of child benefits, that some, including the child poverty action lobby, will always bleat that more is needed.

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