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Initial Thoughts re Bain, Binnie, Collins et al


Reading much of the commentary in MSM and online Adam is struck by the fact that little if any is dispassionate. All, or nearly all commentators appear to hold views, often extremely strong views, on the issue.

This hardly makes for rational, reasoned debate or consideration of the issue.

In addition it has become essentially a political matter rather than one related to the facts. As such it seems highly unlikely that we will see any acceptable outcome to all the parties in the near term.

What is worse is that the emotions over Bain are clouding the moral issues related to compensation for imprisonment when a person is acquitted after initial incarceration later overturned on appeal. in many respects the current process appears to allow the Crown to exact revenge for any acquittal by imposing a significant bar to compensation.


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  1. insider permalink
    16/12/2012 19:14

    there is no moral issue. people are regularly imprisoned and released after being found not guilty – never heard of remand or appeals? no compensation is paid for the due process,of law. its only in the case of a finding of innocnece that compensation is considered. not guilty is not enough.


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