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Adam is sick and tired of………….


1 TVNZ and TV3 Xmas and New Year so called programming

2 Radio NZ’s tired belief that the world stops om 25 December for a month and that allows them to inflict Summer Noelle on us

3 Radio NZ complaining about lack of funds when so may staff seem to be on holiday for many weeks of the year

4 The rubbish on all sides re David Bain

5 The notion that The Dominion Post and The NZ Herald are newspapers

6 The quaint idea in the DomPost that their editorials will influence US policy

7 The so called NZ cricket ‘team’

8 Tom Scott’s virulent anti-Americanism as exemplified in his so called cartoons

9 The constant complaining of Christchurch residents

10 Bernie Monk and his incessant whining

11 Family violence

12 Maori greed and avarice re settlements and their desire to continually re-litigate everything

13 The Green Party

14 All those morons who claim that John Key makes his decisions based on enriching his ‘mates’ but cannot make any rational or factually based argument in this regard

15 The Standard hate blog


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  1. 08/01/2013 12:26

    Articles like this are what keep me coming back.


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