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Snarky media comment on Key’s trip to Latin America


At Stuff in an article on John Key’s needing to rearrange meetings because of the Chavez funeral, Adam noted this sarcastic comment:-

because Mr Key is cruising around South America in his “own” aircraft – an Air Force 757 – he can afford to be flexible.

Given the schedule and the meetings plus the number of people with him, the RNZAF plane seems logical; presumably the Fairfax ‘journalist’ is on the plane. Furthermore the use of the word cruising implies he is taking it easy and doing little. This does not seem to be the case at all; yet comment so typical of so many in so called ‘media’.

  1. Cadwallader permalink
    10/03/2013 08:51

    Key’s task was to massage trade opportunities not to glorify dead despots.


    • 10/03/2013 09:07

      He was hardly a despot, every election he won was deemed fair and square, and after he lost a referendum on constitutional changes he accepted the result and moved on. Besides, Venezuela is an important trading partner, and to attend the funeral of their former head of state while already on the continent would have shown respect to whichever regime takes over after fresh elections. I’m sure Key is working hard on his trip, but the simple fact is he had a meeting with the Chilean President cancelled so he could go to the funeral. Surely Mr Key could have hitched a lift? Bad diplomacy all round.


      • Cadwallader permalink
        11/03/2013 17:51

        He was every bit a despot. In fact, that may well be lauding him. He operated a one-man kleptocracy which seemed to assist swathes of the population through poverty relief, but truly continued impoverishment at the cost of the productive few.


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